Thursday, June 17, 2010

Old Items

Hardly a Horse: Tell the Boss
By. Noe Jiminez
Large book of black and white drawings by Noe. Intricate, Interesting, Obscure, totally rad. Comes with two stickers inside a hand made folder.
3.00 PPD

Sewing and Dawning 1.5
by. Rick Visser
Adorable mini zine with epic poem sort of thing and other meanderings, bound between old slides.

Feeding Frenzy
By. John Lydon
Collection of drawings bound out or sorts inside a folder.
2.00 PPD

Sewing and Dawning #2
By. Rick Visser
Winter tour/travelling with new members to new places. Getting shot near, shooting guns, sleeping in the van, reflections on the nature of travel.
4.00 PPD

Sewing and Dawning #1
By. Rick Visser
Accounts of a tour two Summers ago-First zine I had made in a couple years. Sincere, simple,
4.00 PPD


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