Thursday, June 17, 2010

NEW CASSETTE SPLIT! Crank Sturgeon/Nectar of Frenzy

NEW! Split Casette
Crank sturgeon/Nectar of Frenzy
Crank Sturgeon is maine woodsman/homemade nut job working with spoken word, contact mic electronic whizzing whatnots and all other manner of malarky. His half of the cassette is more subdued than the crank I'm used to, but no less subtle. "It's great to have art in america..."
Nectar of Frenzy is latest brain child of Rick Visser (White suns, Open star clusters, bahh black boxx, prayer buddies) and is a clusterfuck of found sounds, electro acoustic amplification and old sources assaulting for ten minutes in an aletory sort of arrangement. It's alllllright.
Or e-mail to arrange some kind of shadow market cash/barter deal.
$6.00 PPD

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